Pair of Garage Door Extension Springs 25" X 42" for 7' High Doors

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Replacement for Garage Door Extension Springs 25" x 42" for 7' Door, This Extension Springs is Rated between 40lbs-380Lbs door.

Extension Springs allow for the door to close and open easier and safer by helping relieve strain on torsion cable, acting like a counterweight. These springs are designed with an S hook at either end for attaching from the stationary bracket on the ceiling to the pulley and safety cable assembly on the garage door.

Select right pair of extension springs for your door by choosing weight in drop menu. We recommend to always replace both side and to purchase our pair of springs and replace springs on each side to ensure proper operation. Refer to manufacture installation manual for your door brand. 


DASMA Spring Color Codes:

40 lbs - BLUE
50 lbs - RED
60 lbs - BROWN
70 lbs - ORANGE
80 lbs - GOLD
90 lbs - LIGHT BLUE
100 lbs - TAN
110 lbs - WHITE
120 lbs - GREEN
130 lbs - YELLOW
140 lbs - BLUE
150 lbs - RED
160 lbs - BROWN
170 lbs - ORANGE
180 lbs - GOLD
190 lbs - LIGHT BLUE
200 lbs - TAN
210 lbs - WHITE
220 lbs - GREEN
230 lbs - YELLOW
240 lbs - BLUE
250 lbs - RED
260 lbs - BROWN
270 lbs - ORANGE
280 lbs - GOLD
290 lbs - LIGHT BLUE
300 lbs - TAN

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